Best Apple iPhone 15 Plus cases 2023

Fall is in the air, which means three things: the pumpkin spice latte is being sold on every corner, NFL Sundays are back, and for techies – it's iPhone season. Announced at Apple's September event, the new iPhone 15 is officially here and ready for pre-order. Since iPhone's original debut in 2007, lot has changed for the handset, both in terms of hardware and software. But with every iOS iteration, filling the pill-notch with a Dynamic Island, and charging port replacement, one thing that remains constant is needing to protect the beautiful display and cameras from the bumps and bruises of a busy day, especially if you opt for the iPhone Plus' gorgeous elongated screen. As long as the housings can be chipped and scratched, or the glass can be broken, you'll need a case. We're taking a quick look at the best cases for the iPhone 15 right out of the gate to help protect your newest iPhone on day one.

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