Tineco Floor One S5 Steam – do you really need to boil your floors?! (Yes!)

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I’ve been on a roll the last few months, testing out probably about a dozen different vacuums, mops, and floor cleaners. I recently got the chance to test out a type of cleaner that was new to me— and upright wet dry vacuum-mop. I first tried the Tineco Floor ONe S5 and now I’m switching it up to test the Tineco Floor ONe S5 Steam.

In this review, I’ll tell you what this device is made to do, what it works well for and what it doesn’t, how well it cleans, if steam actually makes an improvement, and if I think it might be a valuable gadget for your home.

What’s Different About the Floor One S5 Steam?

The Tineco Floor One S5 Steam is a wet/dry stick vacuum and mop with some unique features that set it apart from other stick cleaning models.

Like the S5, the Tineco Floor One S5 Steam has a single plush roller on the bottom that pulls in and sucks up dirt, debris and wet messes, while wiping up the floor surface too. Unlike the Floor One S5, this version is not cordless; you need to operate it plugged in, since that power is necessary in order to generate the steam.

And the Steam is the other big selling feature of this unit; in less than a minute it can convert water to hot steam so you’re not just cleaning your hard floors, you’re able to essentially sanitize them too. The other advantage of the steam is that it keeps the mop and roller pretty clean too.

The mop and vacuum head has swivel steering, and a fairly comfortable round handgrip.

Using Tineco Floor One S5 Steam

To use this upright vac-mop, you’ll fill its small water tank with fresh water. The tank looks kind of tiny, but the truth is this device isn’t using a lot of water and doesn’t need it. The bonus of using only so much water is that the floor dries faster too.

The Tineco S5 Steam will clean with just water or water and cleaning solution and you only need about half an ounce or a bottle cap of solution to boost your clean. Depending which mode you use, you need to choose the mode; the device starts in Auto mode by default; you can switch to Steam mode by pressing the Steam button. Steam takes a few seconds to generate, and the voice on the device will tell you to watch the digital screen: when it gets to 100 it’s ready to steam and you will likely see the steam escaping from the roller cover through little vents.

????When you turn it on, you’ll notice it will pull; it’s powered and doesn’t take much work from you to clean deeply. Run it over your floors to get those rollers working.

With most messes, a single pass of the steamy roller scrubbed up the dirt; including things like muddy dog paws. But we’ll dig in deeper on the clean in a minute…

Cleanup: some manual some automatic

When you’ve finished cleaning, empty the dirty water tank—it’s a really good gauge of how dirty your floors were! An on-board pet hair strainer in the dirty water bin is designed to make hair removal quick and easy so it doesn’t clog your plumbing, and I thought it worked quite well.

Worth pointing out: you really should empty the dirty water bin right away, to avoid a lingering smell. The roller cover also unclips from the top of the vac-mop and should be rinsed off too. With the cover removed, you can slide the roller brush out and rinse it and remove any tangled hair or fibres. (A spare roller brush is also included in the box.)

Overall, I’m really happy with how this floor cleaner performs. It powers dried on dirt from both my tile and hardwood floors, and I love the versatility of the wet-dry performance here, since it means I don’t need to worry about vacuuming first, then mopping. The steam does add power—plus the bonus of sanitization with that hot steam: Your floors aren’t just clean, they’re sanitizerd to some extent too.

Downsides? It is not quite as manoeuvrable as some other stick vacuums and mops I’ve tried, and the internal debris filter is small so it struggles to clean up bigger lumpier messes. It’s corded and made for floors only.

Even so it works very well and we like using it, since it gives the floors in our dual-pet home a good, thorough cleaning. I can definitely recommend the Tineco Floor One S5 Steam for your hard floors.

It sells for about $449USD but I have not yet seen Canadian Availability or pricing yet. You can get it from Amazon.

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