EZQuest Multimedia USB-C Hub Adapter: If you have a Macbook you NEED this lifesaver dongle

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Modern technology has brought us the ability to work anywhere, stay connected in remote places, and take the office on the road. The drawback to smaller laptops and tablets is that they lack the multitude of connections and ports that a desktop computer offers. Enter the multimedia hub. That’s where something like the EzQuest USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter comes in. This is a piece of equipment that solves a lot of issues for users on the go and expands the capability of your laptop or tablet.
What is a multimedia hub/adapter for?
Multimedia adapters or hubs are used for a variety of things. The first is that they allow you to expand the number of inputs or ports available to you. Most laptops will have two or three ports, or if you’re using a Macbook Pro, you may only have a couple USB-Cs, but these can get used up pretty quickly, especially if you have a wireless mouse and/or an external hard drive.
The EZQuest uses a USB-C connector to your laptop and then it allows you a host of other connections: it has three USB ports, tripling the usage of that single port. It also allows you to send out a video signal, read SD cards, connect to a broadband signal, and so much more. Not bad for such a small device. Let’s look at the connection ports.
USB-C Input
Connect this port to your Mac, PC, laptop, tablet, or phone.
Broadband/Ethernet Port
A high-speed Gigabit Ethernet (RJ45) port that lights up to show a connection. This allows you to connect to a network in a secure location for high-speed transfers and connections.
Standard USB
Three standard USB 3.0 ports which can be used to connect peripherals to your laptop or even charge devices.
BC1.2 USB Port
One of the USB ports is capable of higher power (BC 1.2) and can charge devices more quickly.
Card Readers
There are two card readers, one Micro SDHC and one regular size SDHC. It makes transferring data or moving files from a camera a snap.
HDMI 4K Output
Allows you to export the video from your connection to a monitor or TV at 4K 30Hz.
The beauty of this multimedia hub is that it’s super portable. It weighs three ounces and measures 7.5x 2.25 x.25 inches. It allows you not to have to carry around various adapters and dongles. Most importantly, it will enable you to go from a laptop set up to a “desk” setup with minimal effort, exporting your video signal to a monitor (you can also use your laptop screen as a second monitor) and puts all of your cords and cables in a single place. Since it’s powered by the USB-C input, there’s no extra power cable to worry about.
You can also use the hub to stream films and TV shows from your laptop to your TV. It has no need for software or drivers of any kind; it will work with any setup you encounter. If you’re on the go a lot and find yourself connecting to various systems for presentations or displays, the EzQuest USB-C Multimedia Hub Adapter is almost a must-have.

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