Pepcom 2020 media showcase at CES 2020

Pepcom is a huge media event at CES 2020 where manufacturers show off their goods to the international press and influencers.

One of the cooler things I saw had to be this suitcase that follows you around. We’ve seen this in future-looking kickstarter campaigns, but here it is, actually working. This is Forward X, makers of OVIS, a suitcase that has the ability to track and follow you. The suitcase is designed to give you handsfree motion through busy spaces, handle small obstacles, and take the stress out of travel, for just $800USD. I’m going to try to get hands on with one of these in the coming weeks so I’ll report back.

In the smarthome world, There’s a garbage that keeps you from getting your hands dirty, supposedly. This is Townew, The World’s First Self-Sealing and Changing Trash Can. The bag frames close themselves up, so you don’t have to try to tie them.

When it comes to preventing mishaps, Flo by Moen makes a line of smart sensors that can detect leaks in your basement, under a faucet, or almost anywhere. An audible alarm or an alert to your phone will mean you always know what’s going on.

Toothbrush tech is back in a big way… Companies had new toothbrushes to show off, like Oral B’s IO. There’s improved pressure sensors to prevent over brushing, plus a nice digital screen and inproved artificial intelligence tracking via the oral B app so you’ll know if you’re getting in all the places you need to be.

Over at Colgate, they’ve got a brand new brush that can sense the plaque on your teeth with these little eyes. This new optic sensor technology detects biofilm buildup in the mouth so that it can be removed while brushing. The Colgate® Plaqless Pro smart electric toothbrush aims to revolutionize daily tooth time by providing precise information in real time that is specific to each mouth.

Speaking of real time data, Lynq is a pocket sized people tracker designed to point you in the direction of friends, family and others when you’re otherwise off grid.
LynQ provides the distance and direction to your people in crowds, remote areas, festivals or anywhere under the open sky for groups of 2 to 12 . These sell for about $249 for a 2-pack.

For the kids, this is Roybi, and educational teaching robot that can teach languages and basic STEM.

If they’re too young for that, 4Moms cribs can soothe them to sleep until they’re old enough to start the learning.

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