Review: Kitchenin Stand Mixer – can a budget metal mixer hold up to kitchen tasks?

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I’ve been reviewing stand mixers lately. After shopping around and seeing how expensive KitchenAid stand mixers are, I was inspired to see what could still work just as hard, but cost me less. My search led me to the Kitchenin stand mixer I found on Amazon. In this review I’ll look at the build quality and what you get, I’ll test it out on a variety of baking and mixing tasks and I’ll let you know if I can recommend it for you.

Kitchenin Stand Mixer: what you get

This is a tilt-head mixer with what’s called planetary motion—that essentially means both the mixer arm and the attachments both move in a circular motion, and this tends to provide really good mixing and bowl coverage.

One of the main selling points on this is price: at just $219USD
Right away this stand mixer looks different. With an Industrial-chic design, the mixer is all metal, and it’s heavy and feels solidly built. The base uses a very neat open almost paperclip style design, that in the photos on I wasn’t sure I was going to like, but in person it’s actually really cool.

As noted, this mixer, unlike some other very inexpensive ones on Amazon is all metal body construction—there’s no plastic whatsoever here. It does also have non-skid feet.

The Mixing head features a brushed finish in some fun colours—this its the orange. The lever to lift the mixing head is on the back, and the action is smooth.

Theres a control knob on the side and this mixer has 8 speeds plus a digital display that shows your total mixing time per session. Initially I thought this was a bit superfluous but as you’ll see it came in super handy.

When it comes to the attachments, there’s a whipping whisk, a batter beater and dough hook and again, each of these is made of metal for durability and longevity.

There’s also a 2-piece spout and shield, which is geniusly designed so that you can use one of both pieces and they just slide together.

It’s a fairly good size while still having a nominal footprint: the unit measures 14.9 * 14.1*8.6 inches.

This bowl is stainless steel and holds 5.3 QT which Kitchenin says should be able to handle up to 10 dozen cookies or 5 loaf of bread or 15 pounds of mashed potatoes in one batch. My batches were a lot smaller and I’m sceptical of thosse numbers just on principal, but I’m also not in a position to just whip up 15 pounds of potatoes to see…

All the parts are dishwasher safe too for easy cleaning.

Overall the total package is pretty impressive.

Cooking and baking with Kitchenin Stand Mixer

To test this mixer out I put it through some real life kitchen paces: I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, shortbread cookies, whipped meringue for a pie, and made a milk bread dough.

Let’s take a look…

The first thing I need to say is that this mixer is SO QUIET! It is leaps and bounds quieter than my full size KitchenAid, even on highest power. But the questions will be is it still powerful enough…?

Cookies can be tough on a mixer; the stiffer doughs take more power and torque, but the Kitchenin was able to manage it well right to the end, and my both my oatmeal and shortbread cookies came together amazingly well.
I was impressed.

Next up, meringue… Some mixers can struggle with meringues, particularly in small amounts and if their bowls are too shallow. I’m happy to report the Kitchenin was able to whip my egg whites into a foamy froth, then take them to the next level when I added hot sugar syrup to make a creamy Italian meringue.

Onto the bread dough. My creamy and sticky milk bread dough is always a challenge… in my Kitchenaid, it just never seems to come together that well, so I wasn’t sure the Kitchenin could do much better.

To my surprise it turned out the best milk bread though I have ever made in my own kitchen. It came together perfectly and baked up a beautifully soft pillowy and pull-apart loaf.

One of the other important things with making milk bread is it needs to be kneaded for 10 minutes. The built in timer on the Kitchenin was a dream; I was able to see at a glance that my bread was thoroughly mixed.

Overall review: Kitchenin Stand Mixer

Overall, I’ve been really impressed with the power, speed and quiet operation of this mixer. I also quite like the unique design and I found it could handle the full gamut of cooking and baking tasks. The all-metal construction feels durable and strong.

In short, this mixer easily holds up against a more expensive kitchenAid in my opinion.

The mixer could use at least one more high speed option, but that’s more a wosh than a must-have, and on its highest run, there is a hint of shake in the mixer but not enough to cause problems.

So I can definitely recommend the Kitchenin Stand Mixer to you. It sells for just $219USD and you can get it from Amazon.

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