Review: Samsung Jet 90 cordless stick vacuum + Clean Station dirt disposal

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Vacuuming is a chore that many of us don’t look forward to, in part due to the hassle and fuss of getting out the vacuum, uncoiling or untangling hoses, and tripping over cords. When the job is done, there’s still the task of emptying all that dirt and dust into a garbage can, and then you have to put it all away again. It’s the sort of additional annoyance that might make you put off the chore.
Samsung has come to the rescue with what it says is an easy-to-use, no-hassle vacuum system that may change your mind about vacuuming.

The Samsung Jet 90 Cordless Stick Vacuum is a compact stick vacuum that with storage and charging base. They also have a solution for emptying the dustbin without releasing all that freshly vacuumed dust back into the air.
That’s the Samsung Clean Station, which is essentially a vacuum powered garbage canister… yes it’s a vacuum for your vacuum, designed to empty out your canister into a sealed bag so you don’t have to touch it.

I recently had the chance to go hands-on and have this vacuum in my home to test and review. I’ll show you how well it cleans, what it works well for, and what is doesn’t and how it combines with the Clean Station emptying bin and if you stick with me we’ll get into cost and whether or not I can recommend it for you.
First off this is a cordless, relatively lightweight stick vacuum, a device which is now way more popular than having an upright. Weighing in at 2.8 kg or about 6 pounds, it gets stored in a unique charging stand which I’ve seen referred to as the Z-Stand.

The Jet 90 comes with the main unit itself which also holds the special removeable dustbin, plus a single battery, and the Z station.

You’ll also get three different “beater bar” heads: The turbo action brush for regular cleaning. It comes with a 180-degree swivel head for easy direction changes, as well as the mini motorized tool for smaller spaces, vehicles or upholstry. You’ll also get the Soft Action Brush, with a microfibre roller made to trap dust plus anti-static silver threads to pick up tiny fibres when vacuuming hard floors.
Samsung also includes three tools for special tasks: The flexible extension which lets you change direction for hard to reach areas, the combination brush, and the crevice tool.
Samsung says the Jet 90 will work on hardwood, tile, and carpeting and has attachments for special surfaces and smaller areas.

The dustbin, including the multi-cyclone system, is fully washable and can be removed without removing the pipe from the body to allow you to tip out the dust.
One thing I noticed right away that I love, is that the vacuum turns on with a click and stays on until you click it off, meaning no need to constantly squeeze the trigger while using it.

To charge the Jet 90, you place it in the Z Station, a compact stand that is weighted in the base and slightly angled to avoid toppling. The Z Station also charges a second (sold separately) battery at the same time, ensuring that your Jet 90 is always ready for action.
Samsung claims the Jet 90 runs for 60 minutes without a recharge and while I didn’t tie it exactly, I’d say that feels about right, and it takes about 3.5 hours to charge fully. The battery should still hold 70% of its capacity after five years.

Important to note that the Clean Station will absolutely not work with the dustbin that comes with the Jet 90 itself.
It will only operate with the special dustbin canister which is included in the Clean Station package.

I run all the vacuums I test through the same tests… I run them on carpet, rugs and all types of floors, and vacuum up everything from fine flour to bigger cracker pieces.

The Samsung Jet 90 did a great job on carpet. I tested it side by side with another well known stick vacuum and found it was equally matched. It looked like it picked up a lot of pet hair and dirt.

On floors, the soft action brush did seem to trap dirt instead of scattering it, and I found it was able to pick up everything I threw at it.

The Mini motorized tool was also quite handy for cleaning the couch.

The Samsung Jet 90 is about average when it comes to noise level.

The Clean Station by comparison is quite loud when it’s running, but I’d say its comparable to the noise level of other automatic emptying bins.

Overall, the Samsung Jet 90 seems to be a pretty handy and powerful vacuum. I love that the trigger lets it run without me needing to squeeze it the whole time it’s running.

While it doesn’t have as many extra tools as some other vacuums, it has the important ones and it was all I felt like I needed.

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