Finalmouse Starlight-12 Review – Paving the way to legendary aim | New #1 gaming mouse

Top tier, small and medium wireless mice under 50 grams? Who thought we would be here in 2021? Finalmouse continue to push the industry forward and make it exciting, especially for competitive players, and have brought us the mice of the gods. Ambitious name, but once you play with these, you realize it’s not that much of an exaggeration.

In the video, I talk about why light weight mice are the way to go, along with some of the features and importance of proper wireless tech. Everything is really well done on these mice, with the exception of the paint work maybe, but it kind of fits that ancient gods theme. The problem is painting magnesium with that level of detail, very difficult apparently. If they do one solid colour, it will be a lot easier and look higher quality.

But that’s really not worth talking about when we now have magnesium alloy wireless mice with all top specs and weigh under 46g on my scales (they’re actually lighter by calibrated scales, apparently, more like 39 and 45 grams or so, I don’t know the exact figures).

They’re also very well balanced (didn’t mention in the video).

No discount code this time around, not affiliated, just really amazing mice at a pretty good price considering (they’re not much more than a G Pro X Superlight, but they’re so much better than the G Pro X).

They will continue to make these, so stay tuned for future drops.

Amazing mice. If you can afford them and you can get an order in, I’d highly recommend it!

This video is being released a day before they’re available, so you should have plenty of time to figure out if they’re for you or not. Hope the video helps.


Special thanks to Finalmouse team for helping with some footage and info too! Not sponsored, not affiliated, but yes these mice were sent to me for review and testing purposes. All thoughts are my own.


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