In-home Review: LG LDT5678 smart dishwasher

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Appliances are something most of us don’t get all that often. Plus, they’re expensive, to it’s not like you’re swapping them in and out every couple of years. So when you shop for something like a dishwasher you want to know you’re getting a good product, that’s easy to use and that will last. But since it’s hard to test out appliances before you buy them, you need to do your research and rely on reviews like this to give you the whole picture.

We renovated and as a result needed new appliances. The dishwasher I chose is the LG LDT5678. In this post I’ll talk to you about the features of this dishwasher, how well it works, the noise level and my overall thoughts on it now that I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks.

Choosing a dishwasher

There are certainly dishwashers that cost a lot more money than this one, and that come with a lot more fancy features. Because we were in need of all new appliances for our kitchen renovation, we were trying to keep the budget manageable. We did want a dishwasher with a third rack, some adjustability, outstanding cleaning properties, and hopefully one that would be quiet, since it went into an open concept kitchen living area.

I will say, I did a lot of research and read a lot of reviews and information about a bunch of different dishwashers before settling on this one. The key deciding factor in us choosing the LG dishwasher is that it had really good reviews on several electronics and home appliance store websites. Plus it had many of the features we were looking for.

LG LDT5678 Main features

That third rack is also super handy for narrow items that might slide through the basket: things like chopsticks. Conveniently it’s also great for things like spatulas and wooden spoons that are flat but otherwise quite long or tall, plus some flat or shallow dishes. Either way, anything I’ve put on that third rack has come wonderfully clean and I really like having the extra space.

Height-Adjustable Second Rack

One of the other really great features that sold me on this dishwasher was the height adjustable second rack. Using simple clips you can adjust the height of that middle rack to three different settings. Being able to do this allows you to put taller stemware or glasses in without their bottoms hitting the upper rack.

Overall I’ve been thrilled with how well the LG LDT5678 cleans: plates come clean even when covered with food residue, glasses come out sparkling, and the silverware is always clean with no dried-on bits left behind.

One dishwasher annoyance is wet dishes. Usually this comes from leaving the dishes in the machine after a clean and drying cycle, and the steam inside condenses and puddles, particularly if you leave them sitting overnight.

This machine has a really cool setting to alleviate this: it’s called Night Dry.
Night Dry keeps the ventilation fan running periodically to help vent the steam from the tub. This is a really smart setting and I found it works really well; we now use it all the time, because we often get diverted from immediately unloading the dishwasher.

Smart connection & LG ThinQ app

Many of LG’s newer appliances come with smart connectivity. This dishwasher uses the LG ThinQ app to essentially talk to you about your appliance. At its most basic level, it can send you push notifications to your phone or smart watch when a cleaning cycle is finished, or when you need to add rinse agent. At its most complex, using this Wi-Fi connection can help you diagnose trouble .

How loud is LG LDT5678 dishwasher: noise level

Which brings me to another one of my key selling features; after spending 20 years with a rather loud dishwasher, using the LGLDT5678 has been an absolute treat when it comes to noise level. This dishwasher is ultra quiet and most of the time I have no idea if it’s running. That’s super handy in these work from home times, or if you want to run the dishwasher while you’re sleeping at night time. The dishwasher is impossible to hear from across the room, and is barely audible standing next to it. I gave this dishwasher top marks for its blissfully silent operation.

Overall review: LG LDT5678 dishwasher

Overall I couldn’t be more pleased with this dishwasher. It has all of the features I want and a few I wasn’t even expecting to get. It leaves all of my dishes clean, every single time it washes, it’s ultra quiet, and very versatile. If you’re looking for a new dishwasher for your home, you won’t regret buying this one. I will have to update this review after a few more months of use, but so far I’m very happy.

The LG LDT5678 dishwasher sells for about $950 and you can get it where you find most home appliances.

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