Vaxee Outset AX … is it better than the EC2-A?

Vaxee continue their high quality mice with the Outset AX, but is this mouse better than the one that heavily inspired it (EC2)?

Shape is really important. The Outset AX does feel different, but it’s extremely similar to the EC2 overall. Not quite a clone of it, but still.

For the record, it’s designed by basically the same people who designed the EC2, so they’re just trying to improve on their previous designs.

Anyway, you need a balance of good features in a mouse. Just because the Vaxee mouse has a flexible braided cable, better side buttons and other improvements, doesn’t necessarily mean I’d choose it.

Shape is king. Meaning I’ll happily use a technically worse mouse if it means I get to use a better shape.

And well … yeah watch the video, it’s only a minute long.

If you want the dimensions, check the website!

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