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I know some of you out there aren’t ready to give up paper books just yet. I was like you… Then I had the chance to try reading digital books on the Kindle. The convenience of having entire libraries and bookstores in the palm of your hands cannot be understated. Particularly when it’s 2am and you’re Jonesing in for the next book in a series, you can’t beat the convenience of Amazon Kindle e-reader. Amazon has launched its Kindle Paperwhite (technically the 11th generation) with some new features. I’ll take a look at what’s new and different, what it’s like to read on a kindle, and if I can recommend this device for you—or a reader you love.

What’s new?
The newest generation of Kindle Paperwhite devices feature a 6.8-inch display (a smidge bigger than the previous generation), up to 10-week battery life, USB-C charging, and an adjustable warm light, among other updates. There’s also a slightly smaller bezel on the new Paperwhite, which means more screen real estate.
The all new Paperwhite is waterproof like its predecessor, something those bathtub readers will be cheering about.
Also Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition
There is also a new Signature Edition which is a slightly upgraded version that adds a few features onto that: it’s got more memory and storage room, the screen light will automatically adjust, and it’s the first to support wireless charging via a Qi wireless charger. Amazon also claims that the e-ink display response is 20% sharper, allowing for faster page turns. The standard version has 8GB of storage, and the Signature Edition offers a whopping 32GB, giving you room for as many books as you can read and then some.
Paperwhite battery
Like all Kindles, there’s a wealth of battery life inside this reader. Battery life is up to about ten weeks between charges, which is outstanding.
Buying books
Buying books is simple; you can surf the Kindle store for options and click to purchase individual books right on the Kindle. The book then downloads to your device for offline reading. There’s also Kindle Unlimited Subscription where you can read or listen to some books at no additional cost for Prime and Kindle Unlimited members.

Audible AudioBooks on-device
The all new Kindle Paperwhite has support for audiobooks via Audible, right on the device, and even in Canada I was able to access the service, as previously it was missing on the Canadian edition.

You do need to pair your Kindle Paperwhite to a compatible Bluetooth device like headphones or a speaker, sound bar or TV to stream the audio through a speaker so you can hear it. Delightfully, the Bluetooth connection worked well and switching among sources is easy enough.
Audible Connectivity
When you’re sitting right next to your Kindle, or you have it very close to the speaker, the connectivity between the Kindle and speakers works just fine. But when you start to move around, and particularly if you’re putting any walls between your headphones and your Kindle, you’ll start to notice digital break up and dropouts.
Why Warm Light?
One of the significant improvements over the 2019 Kindle Paperwhite is an adjustable “warm light” feature. There are debates about whether the colour tones of smartphones and e-book readers affect sleep. Various studies show that blue light emitted from screens can make it harder to sleep, so being able to employ warmer light as you’re reading to fall asleep should help your circadian rhythms in theory. 

The amount of warm light available can be controlled from the quick actions menu, and you can adjust both the brightness and warmth of the display from there. You can also create a “warmth schedule,” which will add the warm light for a specified period of your choosing. There’s also a Dark Mode which will invert the screen to a black background with white text.
Water resistance
The biggest drawback to a Kindle has previously been the fact that you Couldn’t take some versions into the bath or the tub or the steam room with you, at least not without being very careful or using some kind of case or cover. The new Paperwhite is IPx8 rated, meaning it can withstand rain, jets of high-pressure water, and full submersion up to two metres in freshwater for up to an hour. Amazon doesn’t clarify how deep, but it’s probably safe to take your Paperwhite down a waterslide without worry.
Kindle OS 
Let’s talk about the software. Amazon’s Kindle software still remains some of the best in the industry. There are a ton of customization options, including changing the formatting, fonts, font size, boldness levels, page spacing, margins, and many more. Additionally, you can adjust font size with a pinch-to-zoom gesture.

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