Is The Canon M50 Still The BEST YouTube Camera in 2021? (M50 vs Fuji XT-200 Review)

What is the Best Camera for YouTube in 2021? Is it the Canon M50 or Fuji XT-200? Let’s talk about it. ****** Watch our FREE Canon M50 Masterclass Video HERE ➡️

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? Show Notes ?

1️⃣ Canon M50 Camera:
Camera with Kit Lens ➡️
Sigma 16mm F1.4 Lens ➡️

2️⃣ Fujifilm X-T200 Camera:
Camera with Kit Lens ➡️
Fujinon XF 16mm F1.4 Lens ➡️

3️⃣ (Video) Canon M50 Live Streaming Tutorial

4️⃣ (Video) Watch our FREE Canon M50 Masterclass

0:00 Best Camera for YouTube 2021
0:42 Similarities of Canon M50 & Fuji XT-200
1:16 Color Science
2:05 Flip Out Screens
2:42 Autofocus
3:42 The Price
4:40 Recording Specs
7:05 Overheating & Record Limit
9:31 Live Streaming
10:56 Low Light Comparison
11:17 Best Lenses
12:21 Best Camera for YouTube Reveal

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In this video Nolan & Omar from Think Media discuss what is the best camera for YouTube in 2021 between the canon m50 & Fuji XT-200. This camera review is a deep dive on why the Canon M50 still reigns supreme as the best camera for YouTube in 2021.

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