Google Pixelbook laptop+Pen unboxing & First Look

By reviews / 20. February 2021

Google is hoping to rule the world with its new suite of hardware devices. First there was the Pixel and the Pixel 2 just last month. Now Google is into the laptop tablet game with the Pixelbook.
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Google Pixelbook is a versatile laptop. it looks sleek and modern if a little boxy with its squared corners and edges, but it’s impossibly light and quite thin at 10.3mm.

On the inside, there’s a keyboard and a 12″ screen. Strangely it has a pretty wide bezel, and in my opinion more of that space could have been used for screen. but what’s here is clear bright and easy to read.

As for the memory, you can get 128 up to 512 gb memory and 8 or 16gb RAM.. prices vary.

When you unbox it, you’ll see the just computer, power cord, plug and instructions. It charges over USB-C, and the same cable can charge your phone. If you’ve ordered one, the Pixelbok pen comes separately.

You can use the Pixelbook in a number of ways thanks to its 360 degree hinge…Use it as a laptop, put it in Entertainment mode for videos, stand it up like an A-frame or just fold it into a tablet.

Google says the battery is big enough for you to work all day and it can get 2 hours of use on just a 15 minute charge. That will take me some testing to prove.. so i’ll reserve judgement on that for now…

You can also get the optional Pixelbook pen ($129). While it’s fat, it’s very light.
It’s good for notes or drawing.. but it has some other cool features too.

Just press and hold the pen’s button, then circle images or text on your Pixelbook. It’s a fast, easy way to get answers and help with tasks with no typing.

Pixelbook Pen feels natural, like a pen on paper. With pressure sensitivity, tilt support and virtually no lag. It’s powered by a

Google Assistant is also a big part of this laptop.
Like other laptop and phone combos, you can use your Pixel phone to hook up instant tethering to your Pixelbook . This lets you piggyback your phone’s wifi when you’re in a spot that has none.

Basic model 8gb ram 128 gb ssd memory costs $1299 and it goes up from there.

I’ll be spending some time with the Pixel book over the next few weeks. This is just my first look at the device. If you have questions about it, or things you want to know, post them in comments or hit me up on Twitter & Instagram @ErinLYYC

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