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Review: Monster portable wireless Bluetooth speakers, S100, S200, S300

By reviews / 22. January 2021

Monster’s new speakers are made to play rough. S100 S200 & S300 are rugged but how do they sound? Review:

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Monster is known for their quality audio products and they have their bases covered with gadgetry from speakers to headphones and cables. New are several additions to the brand’s SuperStar line: wireless Bluetooth speakers called the S-series.
There are three different types of speakers in the line:

the large size, 4-driver S300, the medium 3-driver S200, and the very compact, portable and wallet-friendly 2-driver S100 . The SuperStar Series is made for the outdoors and it’s water resistant. The S100 and S200 can float, making them perfect for the beach and pool.

Each speaker in the set is also waterproof, weatherproof, and splash-proof and all have been given the rating of IPX7.

Other features or Monster S-series:
Carry strap
Can be used as power bank
Can be used flat or standing

Set up for each of the three speakers is largely the same, and it’s dead easy. Just power on the speaker and it will say, “Discovering”. Then go to your phone’s Bluetooth menu and look for the Monster speaker that you are trying to set up. Tap to connect and you’re ready to go. Each of the speakers I set up worked exactly this way, and was flawless each time.

The speakers are each a step up in size; the smallest, the S100 is smaller than an orange. The S200 is about the size of two fists, and the S300 is about as big as a large travel mug. While they’re all light, they are hefty and feel durable and rugged. Monster says these speakers are designed to be durable for outdoor use, and this bears out in terms of feel.

These speakers are very easy to set up, making them a great choice for kids or seniors. Their rugged durability will make them a great choice for hikers, campers and RVers, particularly since they’re waterproof.

While the design and just black colour availability is a bit dull, particularly compared to some offerings from Sony or JBL you’re buying it mainly for how it sounds, not how it looks.

The sound quality of these speakers is surprisingly good. They’re shockingly loud and powerful, meaning they’re great for a party on the go. Another feature I found handy? If you stop playing music for about 10-15 minutes, the speakers will automatically shut off with a robotic, “goodbye!” To conserve battery life. Handy.

Overall, I’d recommend any of the three if you’re looking for a great wireless speaker option, so long as you’re heart’s not set on multiroom audio.

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