Review: Dyson V11 Outsize Cordless handheld stick vacuum

By reviews / 3. December 2020

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When it comes to vacuums, the most well known brand of all is probably Dyson. The company has spent millions on ads so we all know it’s got powerful suction that never fades. I’ve owned two Dyson vacuums— one of them for about 15 years and I can attest to the fact is still runs as great as it did when I bought it. That was a corded full size upright. Now, Dyson has come out with a vacuum that’s designed to bridge the gap between that type of device and the light, highly portable cordless devices it’s becoming known for today, like the V11 Absolute. The new Dyson V11 Outsize is specifically engineered for larger North American homes and features a larger bin, bigger cleaner head, more powerful suction and an extra battery. I had a chance to use the Dyson V11 Outsize in my home for a few weeks and here’s what I learned.

What do you get with Dyson V11 Outsize?

Let’s dig in on the V11 Outsize: this machine is a cordless handheld vacuum known as a stick vac. It has a dustbin built into the handle that’s 150% larger than the V11 Absolute bin, a 25% bigger cleaner head, and it comes with an additional swappable battery to support longer cleans with up to 120 minutes of runtime.

Dyson says this unit has a piece of technology called the Dyson Hyperdymium, which is the company’s most powerful motor ever, going on to explain “it balances power and performance while reducing turbulence and noise and generating 20% more powerful suction than the V11 Absolute.” 

Essentially this is the V11 Absolute on steroids!

The V11 Outsize is built for our bigger North American carpeted homes and actually increases suction when it detects it’s being used on carpets, but it can be used on tile, hardwood and almost any flooring surface.
What’s in the box: Dyson V11 Outsize cordless vacuum  

In the package you get quite a lot; there’s the main vacuum body which is the dustbin, and the trigger handle. A small screen is also built into the back to display battery run time and modes.

Washable parts & filter

All the parts including the filter are washable too. Washable components, like that filter, can be easily removed and rinsed.

Battery life and charging

One of the selling points Dyson makes with this vacuum is that it gets 120 minutes of battery life. The Dyson V11 Absolute by comparison gets 60 minutes.

So is that because the battery technology has been improved? In short, no.

A new offering with this vacuum is not just one rechargeable battery but two, swappable batteries included. There’s also two power cords so you can keep both the vacuum and the extra battery charged at all times. Giving it a full charge takes about 4.5 hours.

Is Dyson V11 Outsize noisy?
Dyson thinks of a lot of factors when it’s designing a vacuum. And since people hate vacuums that sound like industrial machinery, they’re doing their best to keep the sound down.

Cleaning with Dyson V11 Absolute

This vacuum is ultra easy to use. It’s completely hand held and while it is heavier than the V11 Absolute, it’s still easy to carry around.
The tools and cleaning heads snap in an out so easily with no tugging or jamming. There’s a good variety of cleaning heads for nearly any purpose; possibly too many for me, since there are some I just never got around to using!

Overall review: Dyson

Overall, The Dyson V11 Outsize is a great vacuum. It cleans brilliantly and I can’t make any complaints about it. From carpet to hard floors, it’s got you covered. It’s definitely bigger and covers more ground than the V11 Absolute. The fact that it has two batteries means you never need to wait on a recharge to finish your housekeeping, though I do think the extra charging cord is kind of unnecessary.

Downsides? I know folks say the price, but as we looked at earlier, developing all that tech to make pretty much one of the most advanced vacuums out there costs money. Any other complaints about this vacuum can likely be remedied by choosing another model like the V11 Absolute: if you think it’s too big to store, too heavy for you or your kids, or you want the Soft Roller brush for floors, choose the V11 Absolute.

Overall, this is a great vacuum for our home, which does have a fully carpeted basement and I think with this we can finally bid our older Dyson corded upright a happy retirement.

 The  Dyson V11 Outsize sells for about $1099.99 via Dyson’s website

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