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If You’re Under 1K Subscribers… Try This Strategy Right Now!

By reviews / 29. October 2020

Learn a powerful strategy for growing your YouTube channel to 1000 subscribers and beyond! ****** Get a 30-day free-trial on any vidIQ paid plan here ➡️ http://vidiq.com/think

Big thanks to vidIQ for sponsoring this video! Some product links are affiliate links which means if you buy something we’ll receive a small commission.

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2. (Video) How to Use the “VS. Video” Strategy to Get Views Fast! (Part One in This Series)

3. (Video) Erika Kullberg Shares How She Used the “Trend Surfing” Strategy to Get Over 3 Million Views https://youtu.be/QZT_D45nenc

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0:00 Getting Your First 1000 YouTube Subscribers
1:06 How to Use Trending Topics to GROW Your Channel
5:45 Example: How a New YouTuber Got 61,000+ Views with This Strategy
8:36 Example: How Erika Got 3 Million Views in 8 Months with This Strategy
9:56 Example: How to Use This Strategy in Different Niches
12:06 The Definition of Trend Surfing™
13:36 How to Use Google Trends to Come Up With Good Video Ideas
20:05 Practical Ways to Use Trend Surfing™
24:59 TOOLS for Finding Trending Topics in Your Niche
25:28 (Tool) Keyword Inspector Trending Videos
28:12 (Tool) Most Viewed Videos for Specific Topics
30:26 (Tool) Top Videos Watched by Your Subscribers
33:28 (Tool) Trending Videos for Specific Search Terms
36:45 The 5 Elements of YouTube Videos that Get Massive Views!
38:09 How this Strategy Helped Me Go Full-Time on YouTube
39:16 How I Used Trend Surfing™ to Grow My Brand New YouTube Channel
42:30 The Key to Starting and Growing Your YouTube Channel Right Now

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In this video Sean Cannell from Think Media shares how to get more views and subscribers using a strategy called Trend Surfing™. Learn how to use trend surfing to quickly get your first 1000 subscriber on YouTube. But don’t underestimate this strategy the top YouTube creators and entrepreneurs use to grow huge channels with millions of views!

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