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Coravin Pivot is a $99 gadget that helps you keep a bottle of wine fresh for weeks

By reviews / 26. October 2020

Coravin is a name you might not have heard before, but its a company that should be of interest to you if you drink wineits Wine Preservation System is a range of wine preservers that have previously used a needle system so you can extract a glass of wine from the bottle without pulling the cork.

However, that also meant complexity and previous Coravin systems were expensive meaning the devices were more usually found in high-end restaurants.

Now though, Coravin has a new, cheaper way to keep a bottle of wine for a few weeks. It still uses a small Argon gas cylinder like its more expensive brethen, but the Coravin Pivot is a more straightforward pourerbut one that keeps the integrity of the bottle intact.

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Essentially, you pull the cork and replace it with one of Coravins bespoke stoppers. Then, at any point, you can simply attach the $9999 Coravin Pivot device and pour awaythe inert gas keeps the pressure up within the bottle so there is no reaction of wine with air. You can pour 20 glasses using one capsule before youll need to change it. 

Plus, while earlier Coravin products had a slower pour speed, the Pivots is equal to that of pouring directly from the bottle. Because you can buy extra stoppers (two are included) its ideal for those who want to drink a glass or two from different bottles but who understandably want to waste the rest of the bottle. 

The Pivot is compatible with all bottles and types of wineunlike the main Coravin system which hasnt yet been able to cope with fizz. It comes with two stoppers and one gas cannister to start you off. 

It joins Coravins existing range – the Model Three, Model Five and Model Six introduced earlier in 2020. Then theres also the fully-automatic Model Eleven. 

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/gadgets/news/127691-coravin-pivot-is-a-99-gadget-that-helps-you-keep-a-bottle-of-wine-fresh-for-weeks

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