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Review: Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool fan, purifier & humidifier

By reviews / 22. October 2020

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Canada: https://amzn.to/3nWLadG
USA: https://amzn.to/3nWXt9V

2:05 Humidification
4:20 Fan
7:20 Purification
10:05 My overall thoughts

 When you live in one of the driest places in Canada, you think about humidity. A lot. I’ve had dozens of humidifiers and diffusers too and while they help a bit, they rarely last. So when Dyson announced its new Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool, I was abnormally excited. This is Dyson’s first triple-function machine: it’s a fan, but it’s also engineered to automatically purify and hygienically humidify your whole room all year round. I had a chance to have one of these devices in my home for a few weeks to test it out and see what it does. Here’s what I learned.

While this is Dyson’s first triple function machine, it may also be its largest by far—it’s certainly the largest one I’ve ever had in my home. Standing a lanky three feet tall, it’s also almost a foot wide and weighs nearly 20 pounds empty, so this is a machine you are going to need to have a dedicated place on the floor for.

This fan-purifier-humidifier also works with Dyson’s Link app which adds some other features. More on that below…

Let’s dig into each of the features…

Dyson Humidification

The humidification feature is the biggie here. The Pure Humidify+Cool has a huge water tank in the base that holds 5 litres and is supposed to give you about 36 hours of humidification, depending on how high you have it set of course. I can definitely say that at the level I had mine set at, I was easily getting 3-4 days of use from it before needing to refill the tank.

The Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool has a built-in ability to hygienically humidify and purify a room. The device features a new “technology column” in the water tank that “uses UV-C light to kill bacteria in the water by denaturing their DNA so they can no longer multiply”. Dyson says a highly reflective PTFE tube reflects the UV-C light so water is exposed to multiple rays to kill 99.9% of bacteria in the water in the first pass.

Dyson Cooling:
While running the humidifier generates a low breeze, you can crank up the cool if you need to.

The Dyson fan concept is unique; Dyson uses a bladeless model that takes in air, amplifies it and pushes it out along the front sides of the airflow loop. This is a bit different than other Dyson fans, where the airflow loop is continuous around the whole loop. On the rear side, however, there is a continuous airflow vent that allows for less direct airflow and a more breezy feel.

Jet Axis Control:
Dyson says its ‘Jet Axis Control technology’ gives more independent control to the fan. Those two jets at each side of the air amplifier are independently controlled to provide direct cooling, oscillation mode, backwards airflow mode and new Breeze mode. So important to not here, the device controls them automatically, you don’t get to turn one on or off… During my testing I didn’t notice if one or the other was working more or less.

o    Breeze mode:
Fans can be really harsh and direct with the airflow. So Dyson says it’s engineering team tried to change things up to make the airflow more natural, like a gentle breeze.

Dyson Purification

The other important function this device has is to purify the air. Dyson says a fully-sealed filter system captures 99.97% of air pollution as small as 0.3 microns.  The Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool automatically detects particles and gases, as well as temperature and humidity levels and reports them in real time via the app. HEPA and activated carbon filtration captures gases and 99.97% of particle pollution.

Overall review Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool

Overall I’m pretty happy with this machine. I really like the option of having a fan, and purifier plus the new humidify function all in one machine, since it means I’d need fewer devices in my home—it’s definitely multipurpose. It runs super quietly I enjoy the app control, and I really like the massive 5L water tank, which meant I wasn’t filling up a humidifier daily. And the fact it will self clear is a nice bonus.

Downsides? For me it’s the size and weight. This machine is big and needs space to operate so I’m limited on where I can place it. It also sticks out. I mean, it’s a Dyson so it looks kinda cool, but there’s no hiding it.

I know a lot of folks talk about Dyson machines being really expensive, and at $999CAD, this machine is definitely above average price for both fans, purifiers and humidifiers. The filters are also expensive at about $100 a pop.

Also, since winter is approaching, it would be nice if this machine also had a heating function like the Hot + Cool Link.

But overall, if you’ve been considering a purifier, humidifier and or a fan for your home to manage indoor air quality, the Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool is an all in one gadget that seems worth the price tag.

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