OnePlus truly wireless earbuds leak out, expected to debut in July

OnePlus has released various neckbud-style earbuds, but now, according to one leaker, OnePlus is prepping a pair of truly wireless earbuds.

Max J recently claimed on Twitter that OnePlus will launch new wireless earbuds in July. He even shared an image, and they quite clearly look similar to Apples AirPods, though they’re more rounded. They’re also available in both black and white, rather than just white, but they rock stems – just like the AirPods. Max J also shared another sketch of the buds – and in those shots, they also look like the OnePlus Bullets Wireless.

Theyll likely be calledPods”. Other details about them are slim. Max J said in follow-up tweets in late June that his latest information was obtained from a new source who doesnt yet have the same track record as his other sources. In other words, none of this information is confirmed and is subject to change. However, given Maxs track record, we could be looking at OnePlus’ next pair of earbuds.

For more about OnePlus has been up to lately, check out our hub. We also have this guide on the next OnePlus phone. OnePlus has confirmed it’s going to return to offering more affordable devices. Its next phone could be called the OnePlus 8 Lite or the OnePlus Z. More recently, it’s been referred to as the OnePlus Nord. We’re rounding up everything we know so far, and will keep you posted.

Keep in mind OnePlus launched the OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro in April. The next OnePlus phone is expected in July, alongside the Pods.

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