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HBO is killing HBO Go and HBO Now for HBO Max in a really messy way

By reviews / 15. June 2020

For some odd reason, WarnerMedia thought it needed to offer three HBO streaming services – HBO Go, HBO Now, and HBO Max – though it finally must be realising this is confusing for consumers, as it’s now confirming to multiple media outlets that it plans to consolidate services.

It is reportedly retiring HBO Go and rebranding HBO Now in order to focus on HBO Max, according to Variety.

HBO Go, a service that allows cable subscribers to stream HBO’s entire catalogue on-demand free of charge, will be discontinued 31 July. HBO Now, a separate streaming service that doesn’t require cable but still offers full access to HBO for $15 a month, will be rebranded as simply HBO. 

As for HBO Max, the newest streaming service to offer cord-cutters the entire HBO library as well as additional content from WarnerMedia brands, it will, of course, continue to exist. You can subscribe to HBO Max directly for $15. 

If you previously used HBO Go, some cable providers will currently let you log in to HBO Max (go here to view the support list).

Keep in mind WarnerMedia still hasnt brought HBO Max to Roku or Amazon streaming devices. On those platforms, the HBO Now app will become simply HBO. It’ll cost cord-cutters $15 and doesn’t have the full HBO Max library. This branding change will happen this summer.

So, Roku and Amazon users are getting the HBO app with just HBO content. It’ll work with cable subscriptions or can be bought for a monthly fee. Everyone else can subscribe to HBO Max for a monthly fee to watch HBO content and an expanded catalogue from other WarnerMedia brands.

HBO Max is also free as part of some AT&T wireless, internet, or TV plans. 

Yeah, somehow this is still too complicated. But, nice try, WarnerMedia. 

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/tv/news/152535-hbo-is-killing-hbo-go-and-hbo-now-for-hbo-max-in-a-really-messy-way

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