Philips Satinelle Prestige Wet Dry Epilator review

By reviews / 14. June 2020

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Epilators are not new technology. They’ve been around since the compact torture device known as thew Epilady first made them mainstream in the 1980’s—and by the way, they’re still around today.

Epilators have a reputation as being painful, since they pull your hair out by the root. Kind of like waxing, only a few hairs at a time—so it takes longer, thus earning the reputation of making a painful task take longer.

So I have to say I was not looking forward to trying the Philips BRE650 Satinelle Prestige Wet Dry Epilator. I figured it would hurt, and I’d do it a few times for testing, then set it aside and never touch it again. So what happened? Let’s find out…

The Philips BRE650 Satinelle Prestige Wet Dry Epilator is a hand held epilator with a wide head.

The micro-ridged ceramic discs, as Philips calls them, are supposed to be gentle against the skin as they firmly grip even the finest hair. Philips says this device should remove more hair in a single pass and better remove even the short hairs) that waxing can’t get.

This model also comes with some interchangeable heads; a skin stretcher which should make epilating easier, plus a shaving head, a trimming comb, a body brush for exfoliating, and a massager head for “relaxing your muscles”.

It’s cordless and rechargeable and doesn’t feel very slippery so you can use it in the shower or bathtub and the battery should last about 40 hours on a single charge.

How to use

Philips recommends you hold the epilator handle at a 90 degree angle for the most efficient hair removal treatment.

I tried it in the bathtub for the first time and though I was prepared for excruciatingly slow progress and a painful experience, I found it didn’t hurt one bit. No lie. It didn’t hurt at all. I was shocked. It was no more painful than shaving.

When I tried it again on dry skin, I found it only mildly irritating, again, not painful at all, but not as nice as using it on wet skin. I did find that I needed more passes to use it dry and it seemed to have a harder time gripping the hairs.

The body brush is pretty soft and does a good job scrubbing. I have a similar body brush product and it’s definitely comparable, though this brush isn’t meant to be used on your face, and it does take a while to do your body.

The shaver head works just fine too, getting most hairs in a single pass.

The massager isn’t really my thing, and no, ladies, it’s not really for that thing either in case you’re wondering; the massager unit is rather vigorous and has a lot of moving parts. it’s meant to stimulate the skin and muscles only.

Another feature on this that I actually found very helpful is a built in light and it definitley helps you see what your’re doing so you can grab stubborn hairs.

Overall, my mind has been completely changed by this kit. I can definitley recommend the Philips BRE650 Satinelle Prestige Wet Dry Epilator and all its helpful accessories. It sells for about $100-150 from places like Amazon, London Drugs and more.

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