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Best air purifiers 2020: Breathe in clean air with one of these top picks

By reviews / 8. June 2020

If you’re tired of huffing in great lungfuls of dust and must whenever you do some cleaning, or if you just want to chill in your living room with a bit more confidence that the air you’re breathing isn’t doing you any harm, you might be thinking about picking up an air purifier.

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They’re great devices that can help with the quality of air in a room, which can be a real godsend for those with allergies or anyone who’s particularly health-conscious.

We’ve taken a detailed look at the market to find some of the very best available – after all, this is an area where you don’t want to find you’ve accidentally bought something that can’t match the claims on its box.

Our pick of the best air purifiers to buy today

Blueair Blue Pure 211+


BlueAir is in some ways the king of the purifier market, both because it has a range of options and because of the value of those options – we’ve got another below for smaller rooms, but our top pick goes to the 211+ because of its sheer efficiency. While it’s not cheap, no quality air purifier is, and the performance here is extremely impressive. 

It has a three-part filtration process to quietly remove 99% of airborne pollutants from your chosen room and can handle massive rooms, too. Up to 540 square feet will be no problem for the 211+ which would more than do for us. 

Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier and Tower Fan


Dyson’s purifiers are pretty much unmistakeable, their design loud and proud, but they’re also really effective. While you do pay a premium, you get quality performance and reliability. It can filter out 99.97% of pollutants and toxins borne on the air, which is just what you want from a purifier, of course, and also has a powerful fan built-in for the hotter months.

With plenty of settings that you can tweak and night-time mode for extra-quiet operation, it’s a compelling package if you can fork out for it. 

Vax Pure Air 300


If you want to spend a great deal less than that Dyson model demands, but still get really solid performance, vacuum expert Vax is here to help. This tower purifier will do much of the work of a more expensive model without the same cost. That said, it’s better suited to a slightly smaller room, as a result. 

The purifying is top-quality, though, with the only real drawback being that it’s a bit noisier than much more pricey models, which is hardly something you can’t get over. 

Bionaire BAP1700


If the price is your top priority, though, look no further than Bionaire’s tower purifier, which does a sterling job despite being the cheapest unit on our list. Its value does mean that it’s a pretty loud machine, but you’ll still get impressive filtration despite that.

In fact, like the other pricier entries, it even has a system to match its filtration to the detected levels of pollution in the room you’ve placed it in, which you wouldn’t normally see at this price. It’s a really impressive bundle. 

BlueAir Blue Pure 411


Our final pick takes us back to BlueAir, because its lineup of purifiers also includes a cheaper option, for smaller rooms, in the form of the excellent Pure 411. It takes the template of the 211+ and shrinks it down, basically, without cutting many corners.

It’s great for smaller rooms, and is similarly impressive on the noise and filtration front, cleaning up your air without becoming an annoying background drone for you to ignore. It’s also priced really sensibly, making it a great pick for those looking for their first purifier as a proof of concept. 

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/smart-home/buyers-guides/151873-best-air-purifiers

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