RVezy – how to rent an RV in Canada: review

By reviews / 6. June 2020

I’ve always found the RV lifestyle to be kind of alluring. After all, being able to travel with all the comforts of home right with you, while exploring the world and enjoying the outdoors sounds like a dream.

Investing in an RV without knowing first whether or not you’ll truly enjoy the experience is a daunting prospect, since many RVs and even smaller camper vans can upwards of $50 grand. That’s not small change, particularly for people who might be used to paying 10 or $20 a night for a slice of national park to stake their tents.

I was thrilled when I found out there’s technology in the form of a brand new website now operating in Alberta that lets you rent an RV for anywhere from a few nights to a couple of weeks so you can really try this lifestyle on and see if it’s for you. The site is called RVezy and this will be its first full camping and summer season of operation in Alberta. the concept is pretty brilliant; you can call it in the Airbnb of recreational vehicles.

Booking is simple. You’ll go online and search through the wide variety of listings and choose the vehicle that is going to work best for you. Booking is as simple as clicking the date you want and then choosing from among some available options. You can make your rental a one way with some owners.

Costs to be aware of include the rental fee, which in this case was $199 per night, there is a deductible, a service fee, and a security deposit.

So what do you do if something goes wrong? The best part about using the RV easy website is that everyone is covered in the event of damage, or an accident. You’ll want to read the coverage over and make sure you understand it. You can also add a roadside assistance option so you can get transportation and towing in the event of a breakdown.

When it’s time to pick up your vehicle, be sure to set aside at least an hour for the collection process. You’ll need to get briefed on the vehicle use and maintenance, plus you’ve got paperwork to do.

To test out the RVezy website and booking process we opted to do some early season spring camping in Alberta is Rocky Mountains. We are experienced tent campers, and don’t mind sleeping outdoors; but during the winter Alberta can be a very cold and inhospitable place.

The Mercedes sprinter van that we rented has heat inside, so it makes the vehicle perfectly comfortable for sleeping in even during extremely cold nights.

We had a great experience renting with RVezy and I can definitely recommend it for others either here in Alberta, or across Canada.

If you want to read more about the details of using the service, head over to http://www.techgadgetscanada.com/ where there’s a full write up.

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