Samsung’s newest & best tech at CES 2020

By reviews / 29. May 2020
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Samsung had both conceptual and real life technology on display at their booth.

When it comes to looking forward, this device is a robot chef that interacts with you, talks with you, and can help you make food in the kitchen. This extra set of hands is Bot Chef.

Speaking of robots, Ballie is Samsung’s smart digital personal assistant, in robot form. This little BB8-style ball moves on its own, can answer questions, help you out, detect when your floors are dirty and recommend cleaning. It can also avoid objects and pets too.

Let’s get more real. Samsung is known for their TVs and on show they had several working examples of what they do best, like the Wall. This modular TV can be made to any size and it uses Samsung’s new Micro-LED technology.

(MicroLED is similar to OLED in that they emit their own light. They use tiny, LEDs meaning each pixel can be turned on or off individually, or can display a different colour)

Samsung also debuted rotating TVs at CES 2020. You could say these are TVs for the smartphone generation, since the’ll automatically swivel to show your content in whatever orientation it was shot in; vertical or horizontal. Samsung calls this the Sero.

On the topic of vertical TV, this Samsung TV has Multi-View, which lets you drop your phone screen’s feed right into the side of your regular Samsung TV so you can watch the game and keep tabs on what your internet pals are saying about it too.

I also saw the Serif. This TV is designed to look pretty all on its’ own. With a shapely framed I-beam frame design it actually does look good.

And when it comes to looking good, meet Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator… this fridge is modular meaning you can customize the compartments, layout and even the colour.

I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of this new technology in stores soon.

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