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Hulu launches an official Watch Party feature: Here’s how it works

By reviews / 29. May 2020

Hulu is starting to test a watch party feature that will allow subscribers to simultaneously watch a show or movie while in a group chat room. This arrives at a time when many are social distancing but still want to connect. 

While third-party services offer watch party features for popular streaming services, there hasn’t been a built-in way to stream Hulu with a friend. Now, however, it is one of the first of the major streaming services to offer such a feature. Currently, it’s very limited, and you must subscribe to Hulu’s ad-free plan to be eligible to try it. Hulu said  β€œthousands of movies and shows” will support it.

To access to the feature, look for the β€œwatch party” icon on the details page of supported titles. You’ll then get a link to send to other people who may want to join and watch along with you. Everyone watching must be using Hulu’s website, and they need to be ad-free tier subscribers.

Hulu’s watch party feature allows viewers to chat with each other in a shared group chat with a stream of the video they’re watching. Each participant can control their own playback. They can pause or β€œclick to catch up” button to jump back to where the group is currently watching.

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/152370-how-to-use-hulu-s-official-watch-party-feature

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