Chamberlain Wi-Fi Smart Garage Door opener review

By reviews / 28. May 2020

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A smart garage is one where you can connect to it remotely to open or close the door from your phone, check on the door’s status from anywhere in the world, and even give remote access to the lawn guy, repair person, or visiting relatives. Did someone manage to break in via the man door, and has now opened the main door to offload your stuff? You’ll get an alert to your phone that the door is opening.

Chamberlain Garage Door review

The Chamberlain Wireless Garage Door Opener does all these things and more.

The garage door kit comes with the new motor with bright LED light, a track, two door sensors to prevent to door closing on someone or something, plus a wired wall panel, a battery powered external keypad two remote control ‘clickers’ and wireless smartphone control via the Chamberlain MyQ app.

One other note before you get too far; you’ll want to make sure you’ve got strong Wi-Fi in your garage. No Wi-Fi, no remote access.

Installing Chamberlain Wireless Garage Door Opener

I’m going to say it early here; this is not a job for the average do-it-yourselfer. It’s complicated and time consuming installing a garage door, and if you’ve never done it, it can be downright intimidating. It also helps if you have a second person. So if you’re they type of person who gets unnerved setting up Ikea furniture, call in a pro, or try getting Geek Squad.

I’m not going to go into great detail on the install here, because that could be its own video and I’m no expert. I will just say it took about 4 hours for my husband and I to install. You will replace your existing motor and the track the door runs on, plus you’ll need to install new brackets for the door to hook on to, and you’ll be installing brand new electric eye safety sensors, plus a new wall panel. This kit is the full meal deal, so be prepared. I will say the instructions that came with the door were pretty straightforward, and all the bits and pieces you need for the job are included, right down to the cables and little staples to hold them in place. If anything the instructions were somewhat unfamiliar, since I’d never done it before.

The Chamberlain Wireless Garage Door Opener supposedly works with several smart home integrations, like the Google Assistant, IFTTT and more, though I didn’t see Apple HomeKit in there.

When I tried to get it connected to my Google Assistant, it didn’t work; the Chamberlain system doesn’t appear in the Google Home app here in Canada. Upon closer inspection I also noticed the Google Home integration requires a subscription ($1.30/month or $13/year) and it needs to be set up online. Frankly, that’s appalling. In an era where everything is already voice activated for free, paying for this additional access is a bit of a rip off, in my opinion. Either add voice control, or don’t but don’t charge me to use my Google Assistant.

Amazon Key is also not enabled in Canada. This new service allows Amazon delivery people the ability to open your garage and securely stash your packages there.

I also didn’t see an Alexa assistant support for Canada. So while it may seem like this door will integrate with your other smart home gadgetry, it doesn’t yet. At least not here in Canada.

Overall review of Chamberlain Wireless Garage Door Opener

Overall I really like this device and I’m really happy with all it can do. The MyQ app is user friendly and simple to set up and use. The push notifications are very handy and mean I can always know if the garage gets opened. Plus if I ever have that moment where I can’t remember if I closed the door, I can see at a glance if I did, and close it remotely, if I need to.

If the app is missing any features, it would be nice if there was an option to have the door close any time it’s open for longer than, say one hour. As it is, you can set an alert for this, but you still need to close it manually. Plus the pay-for-Google voice control is a real crappy play.

I love how quietly the motor operates, and I really like all the ways I can access the door; from the wall panel, wireless keypad, clickers, or my smart phone. I also really appreciate the motion-activated LED lighting, which is very bright and floods the whole garage with light.

I can definitley recommend the Chamberlain Wireless Garage Door Opener if you’re looking for better remote access and security for your garage.

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