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Someone built a Nintendo Switch dock out of an old NES console

By reviews / 27. May 2020

The lockdown has inspired many of us to take-up a little DIY, with many experimenting with the Raspberry Pi. However, we’ve seen few finer-looking projects than this improvised Nintendo Switch dock.

One particularly inventive Reddit user turned the shell of a broken NES console into a fully functional dock for the Switchkind of bringing the Nintendo gaming experience full circle in the process.

IMOKRUOK stripped the insides of the 1980s hardware and got handy with a laser cutter to create an opening for the Switch console, rounding the edges to in the hope of negating the risk of screen damage despite the snug fit.

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The maker added a few more components to ensure the Switch could be safely docked and hooked up to the TV via HDMI. They even made use of the Switch’s power button, while adding USB ports for attaching controllers (yes, even those modern NES ones).

You can see the build pictures by following the link to the Imgur gallery.

Many of the commenters have asked whether it’d be possible to add the NES components back into the mix to ensure both systems were playable via the dockHowever, the maker rightly pointed out that a wide variety of games from the NES are now playable via Switch Online. Still, the hybrid would be pretty cool, right?

Not all commenters are on board with the build though, with many cautioning it may damage the console (even the official dock has been known to scratch the screen up), while the absence of a fan could cause things to overheat.

“The lack of alignment pegs and cushion panel around the type-c plug are making me cringe. Those are there for a reason,” one commenter also added.

So yeah, while we aren’t sure whether we’d put our beloved Switch into this dock, it sure does look cool. And we’d absolutely love a hybrid dock that accepted old Switch games.

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