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Call of Duty: WW2 is a free for PlayStation Plus subscribers from May 26

By reviews / 26. May 2020
Call of Duty WW2 War Machine

Sony has revealed one of the free PlayStation Plus games for the coming month and it’s an absolute doozyCall of Duty: WW2.

The flagship Call of Duty game of 2017 will be free to download for PS Plus subscribers from May 26. Sony says more details about June’s other free PS4 and PS3 games will be released in due course.

We afforded Call of Duty: WW2 a 4/5 star score for its powerful campaign mode, immersive visuals, tense and thrilling gunplay and strong multiplayers optionsThe game, developed by Sledgehammer, was let down ever so slightly by the lack of new ideas WW2 brought to the table.

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Our reviewer wrote: “Kudos to Sledgehammer. Having given us the best CoD of this generation (not exactly a challenge) with Advanced Warfare, its now gone one better and given us the best CoD since Black Ops.”

“It doesnt reinvent the series, so if you cant stand heavily scripted missions and being hustled and funnelled from one action sequence to the next, then go elsewhere. It does, however, reinvigorate it. I cant remember the last time that a Call of Duty felt this exciting.”

The WW2 game brought the franchise back to its roots as it was the setting for 2003’s original title. The game joins Farming Simulator and Cities: Skylines, the two May games which are still available to download until June 1. Those titles weren’t exactly greeted with enthusiasm by PlayStation 4 gamers last month, so it’s good to see Sony get back on track.

In a tweet on Monday, Sony wrote: “PS Plus members: Call of Duty: WWII is part of the monthly games lineup for June, and will be available for download starting May 26. Well share additional details of our monthly lineup later this week. Enjoy!”

Hopefully Sony’s other games for June will be just as exciting.

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