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How to group tabs together in Chrome and sort them by colour and name

By reviews / 14. May 2020

Google is updating its Chrome browser with a new tab grouping feature so you can better organise dozens of open tabs.

At any given time, you may have several Chrome tabs open. The more you have, the more unwieldy they become to read, manage, use, and so on. But imagine if you could sort them into groups. Enter: Chrome’s new tab grouping feature. You can now make a group by right-clicking on one tab and assigning it a custom name and colour. Youll then see the colour of the group under all the tabs.

This is how the feature looks and works (click through the gallery):

You can also drag tabs between groups to easily change how they’re organised.

How to add Chrome tabs to groups

  1. Right-click on a single tab
  2. Select “Add Tab to Group” option
  3. When you create a new group, you can assign it a name and colour
  4. To move a tab to a different group after, just drag and drop it.

When will Chrome tabs be available?

Google plans to release tab grouping to Chrome browser users running ChromeOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux machines. The rollout will be slow. If you want to start using the feature right now, update to the latest beta version of Chrome here and then restart your browser.

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/google/152183-how-to-group-tabs-together-in-chrome-and-sort-them-by-colour-and-name

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