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How to draw letters & turn off predictive text on new Samsung Galaxy Watch

By reviews / 9. May 2020

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Recently I reviewed the Samsung Watch, and you can check that video out here.
One of the things I didn’t like was the fact that inputting text for sending messages was tedious…

“The alphanumeric panel hearkens back to when you used to have to peck out tests using the number buttons on your phone. It’s tedious and takes some getting used to, and the predictive nature of the responses means you’ll be constantly correcting it. I was immediately wishing for the drawing pad that the Apple Watch has where you can draw letters with your fingertip. If you prefer to write out your texts, that’s no problem. You can write messages by hand and even enter them using a keyboard – kind of like the type used on flip phones.”
Some of my subscribers pointed out that you CAN draw the letters out, and I also learned you can switch off that annoying predictive text. So here’s how to do both of those things.

To get the drawing pad, once you start a text, you should see three options: a microphone, an emoji and a text input button. Tap the text input button to change it from drawing to different keyboards. You can also turn the bezel clockwise to change this.
To turn off that annoying predictive text?
On the watch go to Settings, General, Input, Keyboard settings, then scroll down to Smart Typing. Choose Predictive Text and turn it off.

Those two settings should make it easier when you want to communicate from your watch.

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