Joule Sous Vide Review & How to

By reviews / 8. May 2020

Thinking about getting a Joule Sous Vide machine? I’ll tell you what it can do and whether it’s worth it.
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Sous Vide cooking is a technique that uses a hot water bath to cook food to a precise temperature. More accurate than steaming and not as bland as boiling, sous vide is a whole different method of cooking food.

Cooking sous vide involves sealing food inside a watertight bag, and immersing it in precisely controlled hot water for an extended period of time. Frequently the food is seared after sous videing to give it a bit of colour, since while it’s cooked to a perfectly uniform temperature all the way through, the finished meats can look a little pasty.

Setting up Joule sous vide is easy.

VO: app general
You’ll download the free Joule app, and create an account. Once logged in, the app walks you through pre-set cook options and there’s also a variety of recipes to choose from. You can input your own custom time and temperature settings too if you prefer.

Operating Joule is easy. From the main screen you can select your protein or vegetable. If it’s chicken, the app will then ask you which cut you’re using: breast, thighs etc. Then you’ll set your target temperature: for chicken you can choose from different levels of doneness.

After choosing what you want the finished product to look like, you’ll select whether it’s fresh or frozen (which will change the total cook time) and how thick it is. With the data put in, you’re ready to sous vide!

When the cook is done, Joule will send a push notification to your phone. If I have a complaint about this device it’s that it appears I am unable to change the alerts. I’d prefer an audible alarm or more persistent notification, but I couldn’t find a setting where this is an option. As a result you’ll need to keep one eye on your phone to see when our food is done. The water will stay at temperature and Joule will keep running until you turn it off. Because your food can sit in the bath for a significant amount of time once the cooking time is over it won’t overcook if you miss your push notification.

I cooked a variety of foods over several weeks with Joule, using Joule’s pre-set recipes, and my own selections:
-trout in compound butter
-chicken breast
-sous vide egg bites
-pork chops
-infused vodka

OC: Yes, infused vodka. Because the vodka is heated only to the perfect temperature to extract flavour from your addition (think lemon, lemongrass, blueberries, raspberries) it doesn’t boil off the alcohol or cook your fruit and make it bitter. Sous vide egg bites are another fave.
I’ve really, really come to love sous vide cooking.
Sous vide food is more tender, juicier and more flavourful. It also allows you much more flexibility and creativity with your food.

The Joule is easy to use and the built-in recipes and instructions were easy to follow and turned out pretty good. Because some of the pre-set cooks have different options you can choose your level of doneness.

I did find, however, that many of Joule’s ‘Joule Fave’ settings were a tad underdone for my personal taste. So moving forward, I chose the slightly higher temperature option.

I love how compact Joule is compared to other sous vide cookers. It’s easy to store anywhere, unlike the other machine I have.

Things I didn’t love about Joule? The lack of configurable and audible alerts was disappointing. I also think the price is a tad high. A digital display would also be nice, especially at the higher price point.

Joule sells for about CAD $229-249, compared to $129-199 for the competitor.

In all, I definitely recommend Joule if you’re looking to launch yourself into the addictive world of sous vide cooking.

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