Ring Alarm review: wireless home security

By reviews / 1. May 2020

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What is Ring Alarm?
Ring Alarm is a fully wireless home security system. Each of the components is battery powered; either using a rechargeable battery or a replaceable one. You have the option of choosing a closed system, which emits audible sirens in the home, or a monitored system (costs extra) that can dispatch authorities.

Ring Alarm – What’s in the box?
The Ring Alarm system comes with several components; the alarm base station, a wireless keypad, a motion sensor, and a door or window or ‘contact’ sensor. To prepare for installation, you need to charge the Alarm keypad.

Setting Up Ring Alarm

Getting things set up is pretty straight forward and you can probably have the whole system up and running in an hour.

The first thing you’ll do is download the Ring app if you don’t already have it. The base station is what will send out the audible alarm if your sensors are triggered while you’re away.

Here’s how to do it:
Plug in base station
You’ll push the pairing button on top of the base station and then follow the instructions in the app. The app will look for the base station, and when it finds it, as mine did easily, you’ll be prompted to choose how to connect; there’s a hardwired ethernet option, or Wi-Fi. I opted for Wi-Fi.

Optional Monitoring & response

At this point you can also sign up for the optional monthly monitoring which will dispatch security services, should your alarm go off. This option is available at a cost of?? $15 per month. As this was not included with my review package I did not add on this option.

Once the base station is set up you can begin adding your security accessories like the Alarm keypad, contact sensors, and motion detector.

The instruction manual tells you to remove the battery cover film from the back of each device, and when I did, it seemed the app recognized the devices immediately. When I went to try to get them set up in the app specifically, the app told me they were already recognized!

Installing motion sensor

Sure enough, as soon as I pulled the tape from the battery, the motion detector was giving me notifications inside the app that it was seeing motion.

Installing wireless keypad

Next up I opted to get the keypad rolling. Your first need to charge up the keypad using the included cable and plug so that its battery is full. When it’s ready, you can install it using the included bracket, and the best location is somewhere near your main door. What happens when the Ring Alarm goes off?

When my alarm goes off it takes about 45 seconds before the lights and sirens begin to sound. One of the things I like about this system, is that not only will the base station start making noise, but so will the alarm panel near your front door. The nice thing about that is you get sound emanating all over the house, which might help frighten off an intruder.

You’ll also get either push notifications to your phone, or emails, depending on the options you’ve chosen, both when the alarm is first tripped, and then when it actually goes off. These alerts will go to any of the users on your account. If you have the monitoring option, that’s when your phone should start to ring with someone checking up on you. With no monitoring options, you’re on your own.

The sirens’ volumes are adjustable, but they’re not super loud. They’ll be noticeable inside the home for sure, but they’re not likely to rouse your neighbours.

Home and away modes

There are two choices when setting the alarm, there’s Away mode, and Home mode. All the sensors in your house are monitored when using Away mode. This is useful if you’re going out and want to be notified if anything happens at all at home. With Home mode, the exterior and perimeter sensors are monitored, but interior sensors are not monitored. This is useful if you’re at home but want to be alerted if anyone tries to enter through a door or window. You can of course customize which sensors you want included in each of the two modes, by making your changes inside the app.

Once everything is installed and your settings are configured, it’s a simple matter of remembering to arm the alarm each time you go out, or when you go to sleep.

Overall review

I’m a big fan of Ring devices. I’ve reviewed almost their entire lineup and I like it because it’s easy to set up, easy to use, the user interface is spot-on and any of their devices come with absolutely everything you need for set up; including the tools!

If I have any complaints about the system, it’s that the audible alarms, when they go off, are not super loud. Yes they’ll be definitely noticeable and hopefully drive anyone away who is inside the house, but in terms of your neighbours being able to hear them, not a chance.

In short, if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to keep tabs on your home, cottage, garage and more, you won’t be sorry about choosing Ring Alarm.

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