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How To Get Good – Focus On You (250,000 subscriber special)

By reviews / 29. April 2020

When it comes to high pressure situations, whether it be big games or asking out a crush, it’s easy to get “caught up in the moment” and forget who you are. If you imagine we’re like giant computers, we have a lot of software installed for those situations, but it’s buggy and not very well coded.

This video is talking about how to reprogram yourself to react better when you don’t have complete control of a situation, to remain calm and do what you need to do.

And just to explain the basketball clip … that’s from “Desensitize”, link below, where I was 100% focused on what I had to say. I did the video in one take, didn’t plan on spinning the ball on my finger or any other tricks, it’s just what I do whenever you give me a basketball. It’s second nature. It is my nature. I’ve done it a thousand times so it’s no big deal, while others will struggle to spin the ball even when not talking. That’s what I’m trying to get across with this “training” stuff, you gotta do it enough that it just becomes a part of you. Don’t let mistakes discourage you. Just keep learning. Eventually things will just flow naturally and they won’t seem like a big deal.

I have been making videos for the second channel (Why I Defy – http://www.youtube.com/whyidefy) but I’m still trying to work on that format. Once I get it right, more videos like this will be on there.

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