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Does the Xbox Series X logo drop a massive Series S hint?

By reviews / 23. April 2020
Xbox Series X

The drip-feeding of next-gen console information continues with the Xbox Series X logo now in the public realm.

The rather basic looking motif for the Xbox Series X console has been registered as a trademark by Microsoft and has this week appeared on Reddit.

As you can see from the images below, Microsoft is going for the simplistic approach with a large, rather gappy X taking centre stage.

What can we tell from the reveal? Well not a lot as it happens. Some of the Redditors suggest the minimalist presence of the word Series suggests the “some other letter” might replace the X.

We have been hearing word of a more modest Series S console, which would exist under the Project Scarlett umbrella, so perhaps this theory has some merit. Others expect this to be image on game boxes designed to distinguish Series X games from other consoles in the range.

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“This is clearly the type of logo used on the packaging to denote the X from the S/other versions. Any other context you’re just gonna see the normal Xbox logo imo,” wrote math facts on Reddit.

The logo is another piece of the puzzle ahead of the Xbox Series X launch later this year. We’ve now seen the console, controller and logo and have a great idea of the tech specs it’ll offer when it arrives before Christmas 2020.

We’re yet to hear of any exclusive games for the platform, a price tag, or a solid release date for the system. We assume those will be revealed during the next few months when Microsoft would have been doing the rounds at now-cancelled trade shows like E3 and GDC.

Sony, on the other hand, is yet to reveal the design for its PS5 console, but we do have the DualSense controller, logo and deep dive into the specs to tide us over for now.

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