How to hide any song from a Spotify playlist

By reviews / 17. April 2020
Spotify Premium Update

TFW (“that feeling when” in traditional pre-meme English) you find the perfect playlist, only to have it ruined whenever that one song you despise comes on… it’s a moment killer.

For example, I’m a massive emo fan, but the mere presence of Panic! At The Disco in a playlist is enough to have my formerly jet black, straightened fringe swinging towards the skip button in a fit of boyish angst.

Thankfully Spotify is giving Premium subscribers to fine tune the playlists they love, but haven’t spent hours crafting themselves.

In a new update, the company is giving music lovers the opportunity to hide the songs they don’t like. Effectively, Spotify is making those ‘perfect playlists’ a little more perfect for you.

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The new feature is exclusive to the iOS and Android apps for now, but once you’ve hidden the songs within those apps, they’ll no longer offend your ears whenever you access the playlist elsewhere, so long as you’re logged into your Spotify Premium account.

Hiding the tracks is easy enough. You’ll see the option in the context menus and, once dispensed of, the songs will appear in grey within the track list.

That way you can tell the friend who made the playlist for you you really, really did love it and you listen to it all the time. Just don’t let them know that you ‘greyed out’ half the songs you don’t like.

Unfortunately for those enjoying the Spotify Free platform, this feature is not available. It’s a win for Spotify Premium customers who’ve seen their exclusive benefits gnawed away at, as the company seeks to head off the challenge from Apple Music at the pass.

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