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How to find ‘Teacher Approved’ apps for kids on Google Play Store

By reviews / 16. April 2020

Google wants to make it easier for you and your children to find educational apps.

It’s, therefore, launching a newTeacher Approvedsection to its app store. This section will highlight apps highly rated by a panel of reviewers, including more than 200 teachers across the US. The apps comply with Googles Designed for Families program, which requires any app in the program to satisfy various data collection and ad regulations mandated by the US government.

Keep in mind approximately 55 million US children are now out of school, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. That means those students are relying on distance learning to get their education. But they can now use Play Store to find supplemental learning tools or perhaps some fun activities to help stay engaged during the schoolday.

Previously, it wasn’t as easy to find kid-friendly apps, which is probably why Google is now launching this Teacher Approved section. Google said it worked with academic experts at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and Georgetown University to create a system for rating the apps. Its panel is now able to rate by age, quality of experience, enrichment, and if kids like the app.

Where are ‘Teacher Approved’ apps in Google Play Store?

To access the Teacher Approved section, visit the Kids tab on Play Store. You can also look for the Teacher Approved badge on an app. Google Play Pass will offer subscribers Teacher Approved apps under the Apps and games for kids section, as well. For more about Play Pass, go here.

How many Teacher Approved apps are available?

There are more than 1,000 Teacher Approved apps now available in the Play Store (and about 60 in Google Play Pass). The apps are grouped by age (five and under, ages six to eight, and ages nine to 12) and include a detailed listing about why it’s recommended by teachers.

Is this US-only?

The new Kids tab with Teacher Approved apps is launching first in the US on Google Play. It’s rolling out and should be live by the end of April. Google said it will expand the new section internationally in the coming months.

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/google/151845-how-to-find-teacher-approved-apps-for-kids-on-google-play-store

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