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Tesla could be about to take electric cars to the next level

By reviews / 10. April 2020

Elon Musk’s eccentric electric vehicle brand, Tesla, is reportedly on the verge of producing an electric car with a 400-mile range

Tesla’s factories in the US aren’t churning out vehicles as usual right now, but the company’s plants in China have resumed production, and Tesla could soon launch a new version of the Model 3. The new take on the Model 3 will come with an impressive 400 mile range, according to Bloomberg sources.

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In the US, the most expensive iterations of the Model 3 have a range of around 320 miles. According to EDF Energy, Tesla is also the maker of the world’s longest-range electric car, the Tesla Roadsterwhich does around 600 miles per chargebut getting one will set you back £185,500, while the Model 3 range is meant to be a little more affordable (though still a long way from cheap).

One small caveat: the new model cited in the Bloomberg report is believed to be intended for the Chinese market, at least for now, and China and the US measure an electric car’s range slightly differently. For this reason and because of the lack of any official announcement, it’s worth a reminder that this new stamina-packed Model 3 is unconfirmed.

So, why could this car’s arrival be so exciting? Electric cars with larger ranges mean up the chances of their being adopted as useful, everyday run-arounds. So far, the adoption of electric vehicles has been gradual as companies are still working hard to iron out practical details and issues. Range has always been the biggest of those issues for companies like Tesla because, while it only takes moments to re-fuel a car with a combustion engine, re-charging your electric car’s batteries can take a long time.

As a result, the race for more efficient electric cars with bigger ranges, better batteries and faster charging is the key to the industry. Tesla are at the forefront of those innovations but the company’s cars have been pretty pricey as a result. The pricing of this new model has yet to be decided, according to Bloomberg’s source.

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The current long-range version of the Model 3 takes 11 hours 45 minutes to charge fully at home, or, if you can find an appropriate facility, there is a 22-minute ‘rapid charge’ available in select locations.

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