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OnePlus will launch new Bullets Wireless Z headphones alongside the OnePlus 8

By reviews / 10. April 2020

We know that OnePlus is launching the OnePlus 8 next week on April 14, but another little surprise planned for the online event has come tumbling out into the open in the last day – the Bullets Wireless Z headphones.

In the space of a few days there have been leaks from all directions of these bullet headphones, which are most reminiscent of the Beats X in terms of design. 

Earlier this week we saw close-up renders of the earbuds themselves, along with a few key specs, including the fast charging they’ll include and an undeniably impressive estimated battery life of 20 hours. 

Now, further shots have been leaked, courtesy of Evan Blass, who revealed the below lifestyle shots of the earbuds in action. These confirm that there are four colours in the works: Mint, Oat, Black and Blue. Does “Oat” look distinctly white to us? Yes, but we’ll move on. 

All of this information swirling around has clearly led OnePlus to take notice, as well – its official account confirmed that there are new Bullets headphones coming, although it unsurprisingly didn’t confirm all of the details being claimed.

So, it looks like we’ll find out the full details of OnePlus’s new headphones at the launch event on April 14, which isn’t too long to wait at all. 

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/headphones/news/oneplus/151780-oneplus-launch-bullets-wireless-z-headphones

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