Disney Plus arrives on Philips 2020 Ambilight TVs

By reviews / 10. April 2020

We were already under the impression that Disney’s rather successful streaming service was available on Philips TVs, but the TV/Audio brand has underlined that it’s available on its 2020 models, too

Disney Plus is celebrating the landmark of 50 million sign ups around the world, and part of that is due to the increasing availability of the service. Philips announced this weekin case you weren’t already awarethat the video streaming app is now available on its 2020 TV models.

Disney+ had been available on Philips sets in Netherlands, thanks to the service’s early launch in that area. It was also available on older Philips TVs through the Google Play app store on its Android TVs.

Consumers with 2020 Philips TV models can now access the app via the Smart TV homepage. Supported Android OS TVs include last year’s PUS9104, 8804, 8204 and OLED934 models, with the service also available on Philips’ 7354, 7304, 7334 and 7504 TVs.

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As Philips most recent TVs support Dolby Vision and Atmos, they’re a prime way to watch Disney+ in the best quality possible. And you also get the added bonus of Ambilight technology, which uses LEDs to cast the on-screen colours back to the wall.

If you’re unfamiliar with what Philips has to offer in the realm of TVs and soundbars, why not check out our guide to all the models Philips has announced for 2020, with an overview of the technology used, model names and differences between each TV.

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