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Microsoft Surface Duo: Here’s our first look at the camera performance

By reviews / 8. April 2020

We’ve finally seen the first camera sample from Microsoft’s upcoming new mobile device – so how snap-happy is the new Surface Duo?

Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer has just shared an image taken with the Microsoft Surface Duo, an as-yet-unreleased new device.

The picture, posted to Instagram, shows his son revising (using a Microsoft Surface Pro, naturally) in front of a roaring fire. The photograph looks good on our initial impressions, with a subtle balance between light and dark, so we can’t wait to see how the device performs in our tests upon its release.

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Sharing a special moment captured on my Surface Duo. While I am working from home, Costas is learning from home. We're sharing my office today, he's studying for his CAL mid-term. It's great for him to have tools like #Windows and #Surface to help him study in this time. #workfromhome #learnfromhome

A post shared by Panos Panay (@panospanay) on Apr 7, 2020 at 1:09pm PDT

The Microsoft Surface Duo is an intriguing new mobile device that consists of two separate screens that are linked together by a hinge. It some ways it has been seen as Microsoft’s answer to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, as it’s thought to offer similar functionality to both a smartphone and a tablet – but unlike that device, of course, the screen itself will not be able to fold in half. But while you might expect a giant like Microsoft to run their own software on their own devices, it’s been confirmed that the new phone/tablet hybrid will run Android 10 software, following Microsoft’s ill-fated Windows Phone attempts.

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While the performance of the camera seems good, the Microsoft Surface Duo will be hard-pressed to overcome our top-rated devices – though we hope to see it try. Currently our first choice is the iPhone 11 Pro, because it offers both great quality photography along with great versatility thanks to its three lenses and is therefore the best choice camera phone for most people. Meanwhile our highest-rated Android device is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, which again offers versatility twinned with quality, plus a powerful optical zoom and the dubiously useful ability to record video at 8K resolution.

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