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Is Netflix dropping a surprise new episode of Tiger King this week?

By reviews / 8. April 2020
Image: Netflix

Another installment to the Tiger King saga will arrive later this week, according to one of the shows stars. But we’re not entirely convinced.

Tiger King: Murder Mayhem and Madness is a Netflix-made docuseries that follows a murder-for-hire plot surrounding two big cat zoo owners.

The world seems enamoured by gay, polygamist zoo owner-slash-country music artist-slash-self-proclaimedTiger-KingJoe Exotic right nowand who can blame us? With little else to do but binge TV, the ex-presidential candidate has fast become the hot topic of discussion at the dinner table and the story isnt over yet, according to current GW zoo-owner Jeff Lowe.

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In a short video shared by Los Angeles Dodgers player Justin Turner, Lowe claims that there is one more episode in store for Tiger King fans.

Netflix is adding one more episode [that] will be on next week. Were filming here tomorrow”, says Lowe in the clip, which was posted at the weekend.

The series is currently seven episodes long. At more or less 45 minutes an episode, an eighth episode would bring the series up to around six hours in total. Thats a solid evening of twists, turns and some very hungry cats.

Its probably best to take Lowes words with a pinch of salt. Not only does the tiger enthusiast have a reputation for bending the truth, but the video is also watermarked from Cameoa website that invites users to pay for personalised video messages from their favourite celebrities.

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On top of this, it seems unlikely that Netflix would have sent a film crew to Lowes home on Sunday, considering the warnings surrounding the current coronavirus outbreak.

If you havent caught up with Tiger King yet, its definitely one worth checking out.

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