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Nintendo Switch bundles now include custom Joy-Con colours in Japan

By reviews / 7. April 2020

Nintendo is now enabling gamers in Japan to create their own custom Joy-Con bundles, when they buy a Switch console.

On its official website, the gaming giant is offering any combination of 10 Joy-Con colours and 7 different Joy-Con wrist straps colours.

Until now, the only way to switch up (no pun intended) the colour schemes has been to buy extra Joy-Cons, beyond the current in-the-box choices of black, or red and blue.

Gamers building a custom bundle via Nintendo.jp will also get to choose other add-ons like microSD cards, pre-loaded games and even the Pro Controller.

Switch fanciers will also get to choose between the new model with higher battery capacity, or the lower-capacity battery and a voucher worth around £20So this is a welcome addition from Nintendo, which we hope is extended to western gamers before too long.

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Sadly, for those on UK shores, it’s hard enough trying to find a Nintendo Switch, let alone ones with fancy custom Joy-Con colours.

The standard console is sold out everywhere at the moment and, with supply chains badly affected by the coronavirus pandemic, there’s no real indication when it might be back in stock. There are reports of production bottlenecks caused by the current crisis and there’s no sign they are abating any time soon. Hopefully stocks are replenished before social distancing measures are lifted in the coming weeks.

You can get a Switch second hand from third-party sellers, but they’re selling for around £100 over the retail price at present. Switch Lite stocks are still relatively healthy, but we’d only advise those for handheld gamers, because you can’t hook it up to a televisionThey’re available on the official Nintendo Store for £199.99.

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