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Tesla Ventilator uses Model 3 display and Model S suspension parts

By reviews / 6. April 2020

Tesla is showing off the medical ventilator it is working on to assist healthcare providers in the fight against coronavirus.

In a video published to the Tesla YouTube channel, the e-car pioneer is previewing two versions of the potentially life-saving medical equipment that assists patients with breathing difficultiesa typical and life-threatening coronavirus symptom.

The company explains it is building the ventilators out of existing car parts due to the firm’s familiarity with them and their inherent availability. One of those parts is the Model 3’s infotainment display and computer (complete with a new UI), and another is a part from the Model S’s suspension.

Tesla’s decidedly low-tech video shows a working prototype model with all of the components exposed at a work station, while also showing a packaged version, which shows how it might look in the hospital setting.

Tesla has been criticised for insisting on coming up with its own design for the ventilator instead of simply working from existing designs, but Tesla believes its own design could ensure it can get completed products to hospitalssome of whom are desperately in needa little faster.

In the video Tesla says using its own parts, that are in ready supply could actually result in faster production, due to the firm’s familiarity with them and the lack of need to source them.

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It’s not clear when Tesla will be ready to deliver the completed, fully functioning and approved for use ventilators, but this seems like a positive sign.

Many other car manufacturers are now turning their attentions to making up for the global shortcomings of ventilators, as countries continue to look to “flatten the curve” in order to ensure heath care systems are not overwhelmed.

In the UK, another groundbreaking tech titan Dyson is currently looking to pick up the slack by building ventilators. The government has reportedly placed an order for 10,000 of them.

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