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Browse the web with true privacy using Private Internet Access

By reviews / 6. April 2020

Now more than ever, we all know in the back of our minds that the internet browsing we do day in and day out, regardless of whether we’re using a “private” mode on our browser, isn’t quite as private as we might hope.

Whether it’s browser cookies keeping track of us without our realising, or in fact services that we’ve signed up for taking a little bit more data than we realise we consented to, the modern world is becoming increasingly hard to navigate privately. That’s why so many people are increasingly using virtual private networks, or VPNs, in their routines, to mask their activity from prying eyes. 

One of the very best, and most popular around, is Private Internet Access, and there are a whole range of reasons why you should considering signing up to use the service today. 

1. Privacy, pure and simple

The first reason to get any VPN, at the most basic level, is that you’re concerned about the privacy of your actions on the internet, and it’s entirely justified. Whether it’s big companies or small, we’re constantly hearing news about businesses failing to adequately protect the data of their users, and indeed using that data in ways that users didn’t realise was possible. 

Even if you’ve accepted a privacy agreement, you might not realise how much you’re giving away, and even just browsing the web opens up your location and certain details to parties that you might not approve of. That’s the core reason to mask yourself using Private Internet Access. It’ll scramble your data transmissions, and bounce your location away to make sure that you’re private at all times. 

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2. Doing it affordably

Of course, you arguably shouldn’t trust a free VPN any more than you’d trust not using one at all, and they can often become expensive monthly bills if you don’t choose your service carefully. 

Private Internet Access has a carefully crafted pricing system, though, that ensures you won’t feel drained of your resources. In fact, right now you can sign up for a two-year deal that will have you paying just $2.85 a month for totally private web browsing, making it about the same as buying a coffee once a month in terms of expenditure. That’s a great price for peace of mind. 

3. Multi-device support

Of course, it’s well and good protecting a browser on your laptop, say, from prying eyes. But most of us now use a range of devices to access the internet, most prominently including our smartphones. That’s why Private Internet Access has apps that make sure it works on all major operating systems. 

You can install it and use it on MacOS computers, Windows devices and Linux machines, as well as on iOS and Android smartphones, making sure that regardless of how you’re accessing the internet, you have a chance to keep your enquiries and history totally private. 

4. Stream away

One of the biggest advantages to signing up for a VPN like Private Internet Access is that it lets you mask yourself under different locations, which can be hugely helpful for accessing different ranges of content.

Take Netflix, for example, which has different catalogues for different countries – changing your IP address means that you can easily access a different country’s list. That’s great for getting around any annoying restrictions!

5. Perfect for torrenting

Private Internet Access has a few great tricks up its sleeve to make it more than just an enabler of privacy, though. You’ll also get some superb bonuses, like included ad blocking and malware protection to make the web safer even as you browse it.

Plus, peer-to-peer support means that it’s a great VPN to use if you anticipate using torrent download clients to get hold of files – something that many competitors can’t promise. Unlimited bandwidth means that you’re not worried about ticking over an invisible limit and being locked out of your account unless you pay more or wait until the end of the month. 

These are all nice little extras that make Private Internet Access a perfect choice if you’re thinking about VPN, along with all the major reasons we’ve summarised above. You can sign up right here, and be just a few clicks from privacy online whenever you want it. 

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/151561-browse-the-web-with-true-privacy-using-private-internet-access

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