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How to unlock Jill Valentine’s classic costume in Resident Evil 3

By reviews / 5. April 2020
Resident Evil 3

Resident Evil 3 is here, and houses a bunch of nifty easter eggs and lovingly crafted unlockables for hardcore fans of the survival horror franchise

One such bonus is Jill Valentines classic S.T.A.R.S uniform, a costume worn by the character during the events of the original Resident Evil. Its burned into the minds of millions, and you can see it again in Resident Evil 3

Thats rightyou can unlock the costume and wear it throughout the campaign, acting like you never left The Spencer Mansion all those years ago. Its a really cool hidden gem, and you dont need to work too hard in unlocking it for yourself

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Resident Evil 3

How to unlock Jill Valentines classic costume in Resident Evil 3

To unlock Jill Valentines classic costume, youll first need to have cleared the campaign. Given its short length, this shouldnt take you very long, and youll be ready and rearing to jump into another playthrough. Once the credits have rolled and youve received your campaign results, a shop will be unlocked in the main menu.

Here you can spend points earned throughout your time in Resident Evil 3 on a bunch of things including guns, costumes and items such as lockpicks to be placed in item boxes ready to be picked up. Its a way of making repeat playthroughs easier on harder difficulties, and for speedrunners hoping to beat things faster than ever.

This storefront is exactly where youll unlock Jills officer uniform for 2000 points. Its the cheapest item on the menu by a wide margin, so you shouldnt have any problem picking it up for yourself after a single playthrough. Once purchased, it can be equipped at any time from the games pause menu.

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Resident Evil 3

The shop features a bunch of other cool items wed recommend saving up for such as exclusive melee weapons and firearms, although these are a tad more expensive. Veteran players will definitely benefit from grinding to earn them, though.

Earning 3.5/5 in our review, Resident Evil 3 is an enjoyable survival horror experience that sadly falls short of the bar set by its excellent predecessor: “Its still a gorgeously spooky time, but one that is marred by an overly brief campaign and a so-so multiplayer component that doesnt reach the standard weve come to expect from Capcom in recent years,” reads our verdict

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