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Xbox boss Phil Spencer takes a sly dig at the PS5 following specs reveal

By reviews / 3. April 2020
Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer has taken his latest shot at Sony this week, finally reacting to the release of the PS5 specs. This is the latest piece of posturing as the release dates of PS5 and Xbox Series X draw nearerthere are no exact dates just yet, but both consoles are pencilled in for “holiday 2020”. 

After a long wait, the PS5 specs sheet was finally shown off back in mid-March, in a very, very dry and technical presentation, when Sony’s lead system architect Mark Cerny appeared in a live online broadcast.

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Ever the outspoken figurehead, Spencer claimed that the PS5 specs had made him feel more confident about the upcoming Microsoft console. He told IGN: “I felt really good, no doubt. I felt really good about how Series X lines up.”

The head of Xbox conceded that Sony has achieved some impressive stuff in designing its next-gen console, though.

“I think Mark and the team did some really good work on the audio processing that theyve talked about,” he added. “Their SSD technology is impressivewe like that and we saw the work that they did.

“The planning takes a long time and so I will definitely have respect for any platform team thats launchingit just takes a lot of work. But I will say when we finally saw the public disclosure, I felt even better about the choices we made on our platform and I kind of expected that I would.”

Ultimately, Spencer believes his team at Xbox has the skills to out-hustle Sony in bringing a next-gen console to market. However, if current-gen sales are anything to go by, then Xbox has a lot of ground to make up with the Series X, as the Xbox One was absolutely dominated by the PS4 in terms of sales and popularity.

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Spencer believes, this time around, things might be different. He said: “The hardware teamthat did Xbox One SXbox One XI just have a lot of confidence in them, and if I give them the time and the targets to go hit, I just believe in their ability to create a great end-to-end program. The work that Jason Ronald and the team have done is just fantastic.”

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