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Where to buy a Nintendo Switch? Switch Lite stock still available

By reviews / 3. April 2020

The Nintendo Switch has always been popular. For good reason: it’s a brilliant console that straddles the worlds of at-home and on-the-go gaming.

But during these unprecedented times of lockdown, people are clamouring to get hold of a console to keep themselves and their families entertained indoors. Stock is at an all-time low, with price gouging being seen in various places (we’re absolutely excluding those sellers here).

Failing being able to get hold of one, there’s always the portable-only Switch Lite (note: the Lite console won’t work in conjunction with a TV).

Here’s where you can still buy one. We’ll be updating this article regularly to keep on top of stock availability.

Curry’s PC World

Switch Lite (Grey): £199

It’s in grey, but hey, you can cope with that given the array of great games on offer. Your best bet of getting a Switch Lite shipped to your door is from Curry’s.

  • Click to view deal

Switch Lite (Grey) & Zelda Link’s Awakening: £229

If you want to grab the above Switch but with one of the console’s very best games at a discount, here’s a bargain for a Lite bundled with Zelda.

  • See the bundled offer here


Switch Lite (Yellow): £199

Although Argos isn’t offering click and collect, it does offer delivery. So if you want a Switch Lite in a nifty yellow finish, here’s a great retailer option for the right price.

  • Check out this deal

Nintendo Store

Switch Lite (various colours): £199

Sometimes going direct to the source is your best bet. In the case of the Switch Lite, Nintendo itself is selling at the retail price – and in Yellow, Turquoise and Grey colour options. Take your pick!

  • See the colour console offers here

Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/games/news/nintendo/151691-nintendo-switch-where-to-buy-in-stock-lite

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