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The Dolby On app comes to Android, iOS app adds Twitch

By reviews / 2. April 2020

Dolby has announced that its Dolby On app has debuted on Android. The app is already available on iOS, although there is a new feature – the iOS version is debuting Twitch integration so you can live stream with Dolby-enhanced audio.

Dolby On is designed to give music and video recordings better sound quality so content creators don’t need to compromise on sound quality just because they’re recording outside of an ideal studio location. 

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Dolby suggests that you often have to choose between recording quickly or recording well. 

You can hear a demo of the app in action here – youll hear what videos sound like using the default camera app on a phone versus the recording with Dolby processing turned on.

“Musicians are taking up streaming to connect to fans globally, and Dolby wants to make sure every stream has incredible sound quality,” says Philip Nicol, a director at Dolby. “By adding Twitch to our list of live streaming options for Dolby On, our free app, any artist can sound great – even without a home studio or expensive microphone.”

Dolby has recently been beefing up its work around smartphones with Dolby Vision mobile HDR and Dolby Atmos. 

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Original source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/dolby/151710-the-dolby-on-app-comes-to-android-ios-app-adds-twitch

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