Sky won’t get HDR until late 2020 – two years late

HDR is now set to launch on Sky Q in late 2020 – nearly two years after it was first going to come to the platform. 

It was originally announced for Sky Q in February 2018 before a question in an earnings call saw that date slip to 2019. Given that’s it’s now 2020, it’s very late.  

Now Forbes AV expert John Archer is reporting that the service won’t come to the platform until late 2020 after a message was replied to on Sky’s forum: 

Kei+M – a Sky Community Manager – said: “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but its unlikely that the UK will be seeing HDR until late next year at the earliest. Weve pushed it back whilst we work on other priorities.”

We have asked Sky for comment and we’ll update this article with what the company says when we get it. 

HDR has seemed like a no brainer for Sky Q for quite some time – it even launched HDR services in Italy during 2018, while BT has pressed ahead with its own HDR service – now part of the BT Ultimate offering.

Sky was also supposed to bring Sky without a dish – supposedly called Sky X – to the UK during 2019 but that too didn’t happen. Sky instead chose to launch Now TV Boost, bringing Full HD to Now TV instead of 720p. The update – announced in November – also brings with it Dolby Digital 5.1 audio. 

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