Google Maps now speeds between planets in true Star Wars style

Google Maps has added a neat new interplanetary feature that’ll delight fans of the galaxy far, far away.

When browsing the solar system within the desktop version of Google Maps, the company has added an animation reminiscent of the jump to light speed depicted in the Star Wars movies.

The neat Easter egg discovered by a Redditor, can be accessed within the desktop browser by clicking the satellite view. From there you need to zoom out as far as possible and ensure Globe View is switched on in the Settings menu.

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From here, you should see a list of the planets and moons show up on the left hand side. Select an option from the list and you’ll be transported to the new location in the fashion of the Millennium Falcon.

You can see the animation by clicking here

It’s not clear when the animation was added to the mix, but it’s quite possible Google has done this to coincide with the launch of the new Star Wars movie The Rise Of Skywalker, which opened in theatres earlier this month.

Judging by the Reddit comments, users in some territories aren’t able to access the feature at present, even when using Google’s own Chrome browser. It’s only been a couple of years since Google added the ability to explore other planets, but this is actually a really nice way to round out the feature.

There’s been plenty of other fun tie-ins with to commemorate the release of The Rise of Skywalker, including a new version of the Galaxy Note 10 with all the trimmings and special edition Coca-Cola bottles with actual LED lightsabers within the labels. There is also a Fortnite promotional event, which actually adds a little more context to a key event in the movie.

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