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UK customers can now switch mobile networks with just a text, here’s how

By reviews / 1. July 2019
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Soon, mobile users will be able to switch their mobile phone provider with little more than a text message, with new rules designed to make it easier for consumers to switch from network to network

Previously, switching to a new network often involved calling up your previous provider to get a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC), which you could give to your new provider to migrate your phone number over. However, it was rarely that simple as to get your PAC you would often have to go through your providers retention department, who would often be trying their best to get customers not to go ahead with the switch

New rules from regulators Ofcom that are in place from today should make this much more simple for UK consumers, as you merely need to text the number 65075 the word PAC, and the code will be sent to you, valid for 30 days. Give this to your new mobile network BFF and they will get the number switched over within one working day

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In addition to containing your PAC, the text message will also include any details for early termination charges, or if you’re using pay as you go, the balance of credit currently stored on your account

Changing mobile phone networks has long been a bit of a headache, so this is welcome news that should be a lot friendlier to mobile phone users trying to jump over to a new deal

Ofcom has also now banned mobile providers from charging customers for notice periods that run after the switch date, which the regulator claims will save people in the uk some £10m a year. Collectively, in case you’re waiting for your windfall. Mobile networks will also now need to communicate more clearly about how this process occurs, so getting information on how to switch should be simpler too


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